Minor goddess of sorcery, secrets and vengeance


Portfolios: Sorcery (M), Vengeance (M), Freedom (m), Secrets (m)

Abilities: Immortal Powers, Avatar(1/1/0), Caster Level Bonus (+6 to Sorcery), Spell Casting (Sorcery +10, Divine +20), Spell-Like Abilities: Dominate Monster (at will), Meteor Swarm (at will), Wish (3/day)


Kasana was born and raised in K’nar, a country in thrall to reptilian mages and their four-armed warrior caste. As a mage-born human, Kasana would have been destined for the egg pits had she not escaped at a young age. She spent much of her life waging a guerilla one-person war against the country’s leaders, first using stealth and ambush and later learned to use her magic to assist.

Decades of constant combat and evasion, and several generous slices of luck,resulted in Kasana becoming a truly powerful sorceress. Eventually she tangled with a number of the other local powers, eventually including Kasin, Alamark and Renik. After many (mostly hostile) encounters, she came to respect her former opponents and eventually joined forces with them to defeat a number of formidable opponent.

The last opponent, the arch-lich Malebrode – led to the group being granted immortality and consequently the annihilation of the K’narri mages. Kasana was granted domain over K’nar, and quickly subdued the remaining threats such as the beholders. The country still holds its breath; its citizens not quite sure yet how to make their lives without the malevolent black-scaled mages. The fact that Kasana is not skilled at matters such as administration and has a poor temper do not help matters.


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